Forth of July at the Cabin!

Made it up to Luzerne over the 4th of July with my wife and daughter Tara, husband Glen, and grandson Kyle. I had some work to do on the new place and had hired a local Mennonite builder to take care of several jobs I just don’t have the time or energy to do!  I do not want to let the “cat out of the bag” so I will not reveal his name, as I don’t want him to be so busy he can’t squeeze me in again!  While there he finished the upstairs of our “barn house” and finished a kitchen wall and small door downstairs! Meanwhile I was completing the bathroom ceiling and making our front yard bigger!

Monday evening we had a bonfire and did s’mores.  during the day we had several turkeys pay us a visit and I even was able to film one eating out of my hand!

The morning of July forth the gang packed up and drove to Traverse city for the fireworks and to sun on the beach.  Glen and Kyle also rented kayak’s and paddled the bay area.  I choose to stay and work around the cabin!  Crowds are not my thing, and besides who’s going to do what needs to be done if not me?

I worked most of the 4th. on expanding our lawn area by cutting cherry trees, brush, poplar’s, stumps, and burning debris and dead logs/branches in our fire pit!  I had a continuous fire for several hours.  I then used my John Deere to cut ferns and fauna and level the “playing field!”

I then took a nice long break and started on the bathroom ceiling.  I ended up finishing it on the next day.  I also fixed some loose boards on the zip-line platform and mowed the 4×4 trail around my property.  I felt it was more like “Labor Day” than the Fourth, but I also felt a sense of accomplishment.

Now I’m home working on my “honey do” list which should keep me “off” the streets and out of trouble!  At least for awhile!


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