Who’s Your Caddy?

I have an awesome 12 year old grandson who happens to play some pretty good golf.  I started him playing when he was 6 years old after his mother bought him a kids set of clubs through Costco. His dad is a baseball fanatic, so I am awarded very little time to hone Kyle’s skills on the course, but he has been able to squeeze in a few golf lessons each year.  While he is an excellent little ball player, in my opinion, he is a natural born golfer!  One of the most perfect swings I’ve ever seen, and a coach’s dream! He actually listens to and comprehends instructions?  His golf teacher has been wonderful with Kyle and expects good things from him.

Two weeks ago I caddied for him at his first U.S. Kids Golf Tournament at Fox Hills in Lavonia.  He had only 3 rounds of golf under his belt while his competitors play in leagues, are members of country clubs, and receive private instructions year round! We were not sure how Kyle would “stack up” against these tried and honed veterans, but it wasn’t long before we knew he could stick with them!  On a course he never played before, shooting from the seniors “T”s, he shot a 86 for third place in the 11-12 year old age group. He actually turned in a better score than 6 other boys and should of taken second place except for a scoring blunder.

Just a few days ago I again caddied for Kyle at the La-Z-Boy open held at Green Meadows Golf course in Monroe.  Kyle was the defending age group champion, which he has won for the past two years. The 11-12 year old play nine holes a day on consecutive days.  Day one we started on the back nine with a par five being hole number 10!  Kyle started off with a worm burner on his drive, a duffed second shot, a ball in the creek, and a 4 putt for a ten (10!)  The two kids in his grouping (including a young lady) both had a better score!  I had never seen him put so many “bad” shots together on one hole?  Golf is 75% mental and Kyle was sinking fast!

We approached the next hole which was a par 3 at 190 yards.  Kyle triple bogied it (6) which means he had a score of 16 on just two holes!  I pulled him aside and said he was not sweeping the ground or keeping his head down long enough. He responded with a bogie on the next par five, a birdy, and back to back pars!  To make a long story short he shot a 43 for the nine holes which was rather remarkable considering the lousy start!

Day two saw us on the front nine which plays 2 strokes harder then the back nine.  Even with a penalty stroke for hitting one in the creek Kyle shot an amazing 41 on the tougher front nine.  His 84 was good enough to defend his title and he actually scored better than most boys in the 13-14 year old bracket.  Without the horrendous start on day one he could of “spanked” both age brackets handley!

When people ask “Who’s your caddy?”  Kyle responds “It’s my ole Grand-Daddy!”  My pleasure grandson, congratulations!


One Response to “Who’s Your Caddy?”

  1. Buster says:

    Congrats to Kyle on his win and a pat on the back to you for teaching him not only the game of golf but how to come back when the pressure is on instead of giving up, that is an important lesson for later in life as well.