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Basement Family Room Repairs

Thursday, August 10th, 2017

Six weeks ago our basement flooded during a rainstorm the dumped 3 inches of rain in our area. Panelling, dry wall, carpeting, furniture, and anything on the floor was water logged!  We had insurance, but not enough to cover the help I needed from the various “trades” needed to renovate my “man cave!” The only way to tackle this problem was to “do it myself!”  My son-in-law ripped up the carpet, and I had help getting the furniture up into the garage, but I’ve been on my own since!

I ordered a load of tongue and groove pre stained siding in 1″ x 6″ and have been pecking away at installation.  It’s the same wood I’m using on my cabin in Luzerne.  I eliminated a closet and put a recessed shelve in it’s place.  New insulation, vapor barrier, and drywall had to be installed first.  Many trips up and down the steps has my “new” hip hurting, among other muscle aches and pains, but last evening I put up the final piece of panelling.  I still have trim work to do, but now I can start moving my mounts back on the walls and out of my wife’s laundry room! she will appreciate that I’m sure!

Carpet and furniture are next.  Actually we are thinking about some vinyl plank flooring that would not get ruined if we ever flood again?  I’ll be glad to get my room back.  It may come in handy if North Korea starts the “beginning of the end!” My Kingdom is not of this world as I realise all things in this life are temporary at best, and my hope rest in the promise of Jesus to “Never leave of forsake me!”


M-50 and Hillsdale County Michigan’s Scenic Drive

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

Took a ride from my house up M-50 to north of Onstead a couple days ago.  It’s a very relaxing and scenic drive through the heart of “big buck” country (Hillsdale!)  The corn is high so I didn’t see any deer, but I did see quite a few turkeys.  Just south of the small town of Michigan Center I saw a group of 9 Tom’s feeding about 30 yards off the road.  I turned my car around and was able to snap a few photo’s of them.  The leader had a huge (12-14 inch) beard, and the others were 8 inches and up.  If you zoom in on the second photo you’ll see Mr. Long Beard on the right.  Sure would like to see one like that during hunting season!