Long Weekend With Friends At The Cabin!

Just returned from a long weekend at the cabin.  My wife and I took two ladies from our church up to experience the wonder of the area.  Friday the three girls shopped and visited the Amish Bulk House along with a store we call the Amish Wal-Mart! They also visited a Christian book store in Fairview.  I stayed at the cabin cut grass and moved part of the popple tree that was cut down two weeks ago.  Spread some dirt around and did just a small amount of work on the new cabin.  I had set a live trap for a “Porky” that’s been chewing on my new cabin and ended up catching a feral cat!

We have three turkey hens that hang out around the cabin and one of them hatched 12 chicks and one hatched 7 chicks.  The third one never had any young ones.  Well when we arrived and got settled in we found that the hen with 12 young now had 7, and the hen with 7 now had six.  Foxes, Coyotes, and I’m thinking feral cats have been feasting on these young birds.  They can fly but have to constantly be on the lookout for predators!

Saturday we went to the AuSable Valley Railroad and road the train with our guest.  Winnie Webb’s deceased husband Gary used to work for the railroad so she was enthralled by the events of the day.  After the ride we went to Cedar Valley Golf and Amusement Park and played 18 holes of putt-putt golf.  The Amusement Park has tons of rides, arcades, carnival food, and batting cages.  If your not into amusement parks but like to golf the course is one of the finest in the area.  I play it every chance I get.

Late afternoon we headed for the Lewiston Lodge for a great dinner by East Twin Lake.  We capped the night off with an ice cream cone as we met up with old friends Ed and Pat Alger, who have a place in Lewiston.

Great friends, great fellowship, and an agreement to do it again in the future.  We love it in God’s country!


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