Large Smallmouth Equals Large Smiles!

My son-in-law Glen Pafford is a fishing fanatic.  every chance he gets he has a line in the water somewhere.  glen is a carpet store owner and does most of his installations by himself, so his fishing time is limited.  He has a 14 foot aluminum boat at my cabin and I have a 50 pound thrust electric trolling motor that he uses.  His son kyle is his fishing buddy and they are quite competitive when it comes to “Who caught the biggest, who caught the most!

Glen has a couple spots around my place he likes to fish, when at the cabin, but one spot in particular seems to keep him coming back for more.  He would not want me to divulge the name of the lake, so we’ll just keep quite about that.  On numerous occasions all of us have fished from the shore of this lake and caught rock bass, perch, and sunfish, but never a true lunker!

This past weekend Glen finally reeled in a very respectable smallmouth while fishing for perch.  He was actually reeling in a hook with a minnow attached when the “smallie” attacked!  Glen set the hook and the fight was on! Kyle manned the net and did a great job of getting the prize into the boat. twenty inch 4-5 pound smallmouth are not real common as far as I know.  At least I’ve never caught one that big!

It just goes to show you that persistence does indeed have it’s rewards!

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