Michigan Youth Hunt 2017

September 16,17 was the weekend Michigan set aside for the youth/handicap early deer hunt.  I took my 12 year old grandson Kyle Pafford as I have in the past.  He has two doe’s under his young belt, and this year he would settle for nothing less than a buck.

I had arrive at camp a day early to make sure the stands (2) were set for the Saturday morning hunt. I had a couple trail cams out and there was activity on both.  Doe’s fawns and even a couple small bucks had been into my food plot near camp, so we focused on that blind in the morning.

Kyle was going to be using my 30-06 even though he took his first two deer with a crossbow!  We were in the blind at 5:50 a.m. and it was plenty dark out at that time.  It wasn’t till just after 7 that we seen movement in the rye field.  Two fat raccoons came strolling through at the same time a doe and her 2 fawns arrived.  The deer didn’t like the racoons at their dinner table and the raccoons could of cared less.  We just watched the antics of this encounter for about half an hour.  Once they left the field we headed back to the cabin around 10 a.m.

That evening we hunted our second spot about a mile down the road.  I had a ground blind set up there and we watched an older fawn walk in from the little swamp behind us.  It’s mother was around snorting and stomping the ground, and we only got one glimpse of her as she seemed to have “made us!” A pop up blind setting in Mother Natures living room is a dead give away if it hasn’t been their very long.  It was camouflaged with pine branches, but the back of the blind had very little cover.  Of course that’s the direction “Mama” came from.  No matter, a doe (with fawns) was not on our menu.

Next morning we were back at the first stand and the mother doe and two fawns again showed up.  Once in the field a lone doe joined them.  She was a shootable candidate, and I asked Kyle 3 times if he wanted to put a doe in the freezer. He said he would wait for a buck and that we still had a long season ahead of us.  Good for you Kyle!

We came home empty handed, but we still built some fine memories between Papa and grandson!  As an epilogue to this post when I went to retrieve my pop-up from the other spot there had been a six point buck walk by my camera that morning about 7:30.  That’s how it goes, and like Kyle said “We have a long season!”



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