Michigan Youth Hunt and Bear Season are Upon Us!

Just returned from the north woods and I think things are looking pretty good for the September 16,17 early deer hunt!  Seen more deer this summer than I have in the last several years.  there are at least 4 different young bucks hanging around my place with a nice little basket rack 8 pointer just waiting for my 12 year old grandson to “pop” him!  Still seeing fawns with spots and the does look nice and healthy.

Although there is not a fall turkey season around my place, next spring should be a bonanza, as turkey are all over the place!

Bear opener is just a few days away (Sept. 10th) and five of the Ansel clan drew a third hunt permit.  We hunt private property in the Marquette area and bear have been meandering right through the Baldwins camp where we have hunted for over 40 years. The Department of Natural Resources has stated that there has been a record number of bear nuisance complaints this year.  Seems the bear population has increased in both the Lower and Upper Peninsula, which is a boon for the bear hunters.

My place is in the Red Oak bear unit, but the chances of drawing a permit for it are “nil!” It wood probably take me 6-7 years before I could possibly draw one for Red Oak!  I have seen numerous bear on my property and just this last weekend found a pile of bear scat 12 feet from my deer blind.  I’m to old to wait that long and old friendships are hard to lay aside.  We always have a great time with Dick, Gary, Gregg, Paula, Matt, and now the grandkids Hunter, Jack, Ryan, and Dylan!  Looking forward to some “brookie” dinners and possibly some fresh bear backstraps!


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