Take a Kid Fishing and You’ll get a Reward

Last weekend I had three of my grandson’s and one of their buddies up north at the cabin.  My son-in-law Glen has a small boat and always takes his boy Kyle fishing when their in camp.

On the first day we arrived Glen went to McCormick Lake and He and Kyle caught about 10 small perch!  well that really interested the boys, so I made up some poles for us to tag along on the following day.  Glen and Kyle still used the boat, but I stayed on shore with the boys.  Mccormick Lake is crystal clear and know to have some huge brown trout inhabiting its deep waters.  There is a special knack in catching these fish, one that I don’t possess, so we were after the rock bass, perch, and yellow bellies that stay in the shallows.

Grandson Jacob used lures and small shiners while I hooked up Brady and Drew with the old fashioned favorite “worms!” Eight year old Brady was the first to land a fish and his smile he couldn’t contain.  He ran it over to show his mom and dad and continued to do so after every rock bass he caught.  Drew reeled in a young smallmouth and then caught a sunfish while Jacob was having no luck.  I even caught a few when Brady was showing off his catch.  Those rock bass give quite a fight and are tons of fun to catch.

About two hours in we ran out of worms and decided to call it quits, but as yet Jacob was empty handed.  I was about 50 feet away from him and saw my bobber go under fast.  I yelled to Jacob to come grab the pole before this “monster” got away. Much to his delight he landed the biggest rock bass of the day.

The reward for me was seeing these boys enjoying the great outdoors.  No phones, I pads, or texting going on, just miles and miles of heartfelt smiles.  Memories they’ll share of the “biggest” (Jacob) – “the most” (Brady) – and “the biggest variety” (Drew) will last for many years to come.  That’s my reward and I’m sticking to it!

And by the way Kyle and his dad caught 10 more perch to add to their “fish fry!”


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