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Fall Fishing Adventures

Friday, October 13th, 2017

Late summer and early Fall has been a wonderful time to “wet” a line and get in some great fishing opportunities.  About three weeks ago we were at our cabin near Mio and my son-in-law Glen and grandson Kyle fished McCormick Lake as much as possible.  They have fished this particular lake on many occasions, but never really landed a “braggin” fish.  Rock bass, small perch, and a few undersized smallmouth was the extent of their efforts.  Well low and behold Glen caught a braggin 19 inch smallmouth the last day they were able to fish the lakeThen a few weeks ago I was able to fish the last few days of brook trout season right out the front door of our bear hunting cabin. We all caught fish including some beauties caught by Gary Baldwins grandkids and my brother Darryl’s crew!  Rainbow’s and brookies make quite a delicious gourmet meal  in anyone’s book!

Just his past week Glen and Kyle tried their hand at one of our local Metro Parks, and they did quite well for themselves.  Kyle caught several 14-15 inch Largemouth and Glen caught one just a few inches bigger to retain his “biggest fish” crown!  They will be at it again this weekend as the weather seems to be cooperating for all outdoor activities.

Me I’m finally headed for deer camp to see if I can replenish my freezer, and hopefully get Kyle a chance at a buck. A legal doe with no fawns will be just fine for me, as the venison is all gone and I need a “fix!”


“Barely” Marquette Golf

Saturday, October 7th, 2017

While at bear camp my good friend Bob Baltrip and I found several good weather days to play some golf.  Anyone who’d knows Bob also knows about his love for the game.  In fact i’m sure that’s how I talked him into a week in the boonies.  I promised we would play golf as much as the bears allowed so on that Bob was up for our 1000 mile adventure.

Just as Bob hoped the bears gave us ample opportunity to hit the links in the area surrounding Marquette.  We only had one bear captured on my trail camera and he was a night feeder, so there was no sense sitting in a tree stand every night waiting for something that wasn’t going to happen! Not that we didn’t sit a few nights, but the bulk of our time (4 days) we tried some of the local golf courses.

Our first course was Gentz’s Homestead which was only about 6 miles from Baldwin’s camp.  It’s a nine hole course with beautiful scenery, hills, and a few ponds!  We had kind of a rough day there as Bob carded a 46 and I had a 48! Next time we had an early afternoon to spare we drove to Gwinn (near K.I. Sawyer Air Base) and played Red Fox Run.  This 18 hole course was probably our favorite, but also it was quite challenging.  Beautiful scenery, great greens, and friendly people!  Bob played pretty good with an 84 and I carded an 89!  Really not that bad for a couple “newbies” on the course!  Just off of Lake Superior lies Northern Michigan Universities home golf course.  Everyone knows how the winds can howl coming off the lake, but we were hoping that sometimes those winds would be at our back and aid us in hitting a 240 yard drive?  Upon arrival we were told that the back 9 had just been plugged and the front nine had been plugged the day before.  There was sand on all the greens and you could not get a good read or a good even roll! Discouraging but the course had a fair amount of “gamers!”  With the little bit of complaining that we did I shot my best score of the week (go figure) and it was the only game Bob let me win!  I carded an 83 and he had an 84 (whew that was close!)

Our final game was the day before we came home and we opted to go back to Homestead.  I think I was pretty tired as I shot my worst 9 of the trip with a 50!  That little 9 hole just chews me up, and Bob had a fair amount of trouble himself shooting a 47! Like Bob’s friend Dick says “I ain’t good enough to complain!”  Yes We would of had a lot more “pars” if we hadn’t hit the ball so many times!!!

Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes he gets you!  That’s hunting!  Although we did both get 2 “birdies!



Bear hunt 2017

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

Just got home from a 7 day bear hunt in the Upper peninsula around Marquette.  We stayed at the Baldwin’s camp once again which has been our base of operations for forty four (44) years. The patriarch of the family (Dick Baldwin) was forty six years old when we first were blessed to meet Him, his son’s Gary, and Gregg and the whole Baldwin crew.  Dick is 90 years old now and still helping Gary cut wood around their beautiful camp.

Our crew consisted of brother Darryl, his son Derek, and grandson’s Tanner and Tristan.  They were only able to hunt for three days and that’s when I took over along with my friend Bob Baltrip!  Derek and Tristin saw bear twice and Derek was able to unleash an arrow at a nice boar, but unfortunately hit the shoulder which barely broke the skin!  The arrow basically bounced off after hitting the thick shoulder bone!  Gary Baldwin had been baiting for us and the three baits were being hit from time to time, but seems once we arrived things went cold!

Like I said I took over Derek’s stand after they left for home with no action for three days.  On the forth day I got a bear on trail camera at 5 a.m.  Two days later he visited just after 9 p.m. and again at 5 a.m. I know it was the same bear on all my trail cam pictures due to the “tuff” of hair missing on his left shoulder!  Yes Derek’s bear was fine, but he no longer would eat dinner in the daylight.  He wised up and now was a nocturnal feeder not giving me the opportunity for bear backstraps or bear sausage!

We packed it in after day seven, but did catch a “Fisher” on my trail camera. Kinda rare to see one!  It’s actually the second one I’ve seen, and there also was plenty of beaver activity in the area.  No matter Bob and I enjoyed our stay at the Baldwin (off grid) lodge and having Gary and Dick visit was icing on the cake!  Did I say cake?  Nancy Baldwin baked me a chocolate birthday cake as she has done for the last three years, and she outdid herself this time.  Chocolate is my favorite and in three days I ate 9 pieces of cake!

Great time with great friends and lifelong memories!