Deer Season 2017 or (I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends!)

Due to schedules, birthdays, and unseasonably warm weather (in October) I have not made it to my camp to hunt.  That is until this past weekend!  The plan was to take my grandson Kyle Pafford out for a two day weekend hunt.  My wife and I were able to leave a day and a half earlier than daughter Tara, husband Glen and Kyle.

I hunted Thursday evening with a few doe’s and yearlings spotted, but nothing to get to excited about.  I worked around camp Friday and planned on hunting in the evening as the Pafford’s weren’t arriving till very late!  Again there were doe’s, fawn’s, and yearlings in my food plot, but no bucks.  I was going to hunt 15 more minutes when a nice buck stepped behind two trees.  I could see his head and neck when he feed on the alfalfa, but was not going to take that shot.  All of a sudden something “spooked” him and he ran 15 yards to my right and stopped.  Twenty yard shot that was “duck soup” as far as I was concerned.  I had my Excalibur already raised, put the 20 yard pin on the chest and pulled the trigger! The luminock disappeared, the buck kicked his hind legs in the air, and was gone.  My bolt was sticking in the ground just past where the buck stood. I was so sure of the shot I immediately went to retrieve to arrow and look for blood.

There was a slight smug of blood on the vanes, but the “Rage” broadhead was clean along with the arrow shaft that had some fat on it!  I was in shock!  There was a small amount of red blood where he was standing, but nothing could be found anywhere else.  There were three deer runs he could of taken, but no blood trail on any of them. It was now dark and my flashlights were all in need of batteries.  I figured I would wait till morning and with the help of Kyle and Glen search again!  I was now second guessing myself and was not confident in finding him in the morning.

Bright and early we combed the area, but again found no blood.  We covered an area of about 10 acres looking for a “dead” deer, but gave up, as I figured it was not the “bulls eye” I thought it was!

I had work to do around the cabin, and everyone was busy taking care of needed chores, when Glen called and said there’s a guy walking up the driveway.  First things he says is “did someone shoot a deer around here last night?” I said “Yeh I did, but we couldn’t find him!” He says “Okay describe him to me!” I said I thought it was between a 6 and and 8 pointer, and he then says “We got your deer!” I about fainted as I gave this stranger a big hug!  He called his buddy and son that were waiting by my dead 7 pointer and told them he found the owner.  Seriously there are a lot of guys that would of thrown that deer in the back of their truck and never thought of looking for the rightful owner!  The deer was still warm when they spied it just of a 4-wheeler trail.

It’s quite amazing but it was a dead center chest shot, taking out the lungs, but the only blood was in the area he expired in. He had made it a good two (200) yards from where he was arrowed! The direction he ran was not what I thought, and without these fellow hunters stumbling on him, he would of been coyote and crow bait!  My day got remarkable better.

The deer was huge for a northern Michigan deer weighing in at 174 pounds dressed.  That’s a 220 pound deer on the hoof! Big for any part of the state!

I’ll follow up with this hunt in my next blog, as my grandson “Get’s a little help from his friends” also!

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