Fall Fishing Adventures

Late summer and early Fall has been a wonderful time to “wet” a line and get in some great fishing opportunities.  About three weeks ago we were at our cabin near Mio and my son-in-law Glen and grandson Kyle fished McCormick Lake as much as possible.  They have fished this particular lake on many occasions, but never really landed a “braggin” fish.  Rock bass, small perch, and a few undersized smallmouth was the extent of their efforts.  Well low and behold Glen caught a braggin 19 inch smallmouth the last day they were able to fish the lakeThen a few weeks ago I was able to fish the last few days of brook trout season right out the front door of our bear hunting cabin. We all caught fish including some beauties caught by Gary Baldwins grandkids and my brother Darryl’s crew!  Rainbow’s and brookies make quite a delicious gourmet meal  in anyone’s book!

Just his past week Glen and Kyle tried their hand at one of our local Metro Parks, and they did quite well for themselves.  Kyle caught several 14-15 inch Largemouth and Glen caught one just a few inches bigger to retain his “biggest fish” crown!  They will be at it again this weekend as the weather seems to be cooperating for all outdoor activities.

Me I’m finally headed for deer camp to see if I can replenish my freezer, and hopefully get Kyle a chance at a buck. A legal doe with no fawns will be just fine for me, as the venison is all gone and I need a “fix!”


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