Kyle’s First Buck

My last post was “I get by with a little help from my friends” and the saga continues with how my grandson Kyle had help in finding his deer.

The evening after I shot my deer Kyle and I were in the same blind watching yearlings, fawns and a couple decent doe’s, but Kyle heart was set on a buck.  Even though Kyle is only 12 years old he has “downed” three doe’s in prior seasons, and was now ready for a “wall hanger!”

Time to hunt with Kyle is limited due to his involvement in baseball, and basketball.  This would be one of the only chances I was going to have hunting with Kyle this year so I was encouraging him to “quit” passing on the doe’s!  Right around 6:30 a huge doe poked it’s big head from behind a stand of pine trees.  I nudged Kyle and said “If she gives you a shot bust her!”  He was okay with that, but just as quickly as she appeared she vanished!  Last light was fading in our clearing where I had planted the rye months earlier, just as our hopes faded with getting a shot this evening.  Kyle put the crossbow on the gun rail and pointed it in the direction where the doe disappeared.  Good thing he did as she stepped out from her concealment and offered a 15 yard broadside shot.  I had told Kyle that he was on his own and to shoot as soon as she was in his sights.  I heard the “twang” of the crossbow, saw the “flash” of the luminok as it disappeared into the deer’s side.  The deer bolted straight ahead and never gave any indication of being hit or mortally wounded!  The shaft of the arrow was broken about 3 inches from the fletching which contained blood and hair, but there was very little blood in the area where the deer bolted from.  I went to the spot where I saw it make a sharp left turn, but could not find one speck of blood! We went and got Kyle’s dad Glen and with the “dull” flashlights we had, came up with nothing to bloodtrail on!  discouraged we called it a night, and would resume our search in the morning.

I rose up bright and early to try and find my grandson’s deer.  It was quite cold so I wasn’t very concerned about meat spoilage, but I was concerned about finding the deer. Nothing bothers a hunter more than wounding and loosing an animal he’s pursuing!  Last evening we had prayed that just as my deer was miraculously found that Kyle’s deer would also be found! I was dressed and ready to go as soon as it was light enough to see blood among the red, yellow, and green leaves on the forest floor!  Kyle and Glen were going to be about 5 minutes behind me in the search!

I started in the direction I last saw the deer, but still could find no blood.  As I approached the thicker woods with it’s briers and bramble bushes a crow called out as it circled the morning sky 100 yards in front of me! Then another crow called out with the familiar “caw, caw, caw! The one circling landed at the top of a tall pine tree, and I suspected he had Kyle’s deer in sight. As I approached the area sure enough I saw the white rump and underbelly of a dead deer.  The crows had a few hairs pulled from the rear of the deer, but evidently they had just found him!  Did I say him? Our “friends” the crows had lead me to the prettiest little six point I had ever laid eye’s on.  In fact I couldn’t believe this deer had horns!  We were looking for a doe!  Neither of us had a clue the deer we saw twice last night was a buck!  The horns must of totally blended in with the backdrop of the pines around him.

I called Kyle and Glen to where I was and let Kyle “discover” the surprise of his young hunting career!  He arrived and said “Papa it’s got horns!”  I said “Yes this doe is a six pointer!”  Kyle beamed as he reached down and held the first set of buckhorns that belonged to him.  His dad Glen was as surprised as any of us, and immediately started taking pictures!  The deer was shot through the right front shoulder and exited the left lung area.  The “rage” broadhead had “blown” through shoulder bone and ribs, and that deer still made it 175 yards from where he was leathley “hammered!” I backtracked on the path he had taken and only found good tracking blood about 20 yards from where he expired!

There is certainly a lesson to be learned from this, as both of us could of had nightmares about the “one” that got away!  Instead we were so thankful for answered pray and “a little help from our friends!”

Footnote:  The DNR biologist said my deer was a 3-1/2 year old, and Kyle’s was 2-1/2 year old.  Both in excellent health with enormous amounts of winter fat.

Smiling Mike!

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  1. Buster says:

    Congrats to Kyle on his first of many bucks to be taken. He has a good teacher that has taught him well.