Brad’s Mock Scrape Buck and Venison Fare!

Just wanted to do a family update on what’s been going on with the Ansel brothers since my last posting.

Well I just heard from my younger brother Brad who lives in Parma Mi. in Jackson county.  What a wonderful area in Michigan to live in.  Jackson is known to produce some of the biggest bucks recorded in the Commemorative Bucks Of Michigan record book, and little brother is doing his part to put some more bucks on those pages.

He shot a ten point a few evenings after he downed a huge 9 point on the same farm he’s hunted for a few years.  I have not heard the whole story yet, so I will follow up when I do.  I do know that just before (5 minutes) he climbed in his stand he put out a mock scrape with doe urine, and before he could get settled in, this buck came in on a string! Brother Darryl had just told him to give a mock scrape a try, and Brad is now a believer in their effectiveness! Just wanted to get a picture of his latest big buck out to you readers and let you know that this buck was the smaller of the two bucks he saw two evenings ago!

I’m also posting a photo of some venison meatloaf’s, potatoes, and carrots that I fixed last night.  I ate it for breakfast this morning, and it was awesome.  Brad is going to be able to enjoy many meals from the two bruisers he put in his freezer!

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