Deer Gun Season Up’s and Downs!

Michigan’s gun season has turned out to be somewhat of a bust for our family and friends this year.  It all started off on a sour note when there was a total downpour the first two days of season and not only that the winds were howling!

Last week out of 17 of us being in the woods there were only two deer on the ground.  That changed this past weekend as my brother Randy’s grandson Jax shot a doe in Onaway, and also grandson Tallon took a 4 pointer while hunting with grandpa.  That is not real impressive for the number of hunters in the woods!  Not only that brother Darryl, who has never failed to get his buck, came up empty handed!  Oh he had chances at smaller bucks, but he hunts an area where “Booners” roam, so he lets the lesser deer walk!

I also know of three other groups of hunters consisting of parties of six, six, and four that never hung a deer on the old buck pole!  Reports would indicate that the “rut” took place at various times in different parts of the state.  I know it was late in my area of the Northern Lower Peninsula!

Hopefully the DNR is not inflating the numbers of deer we have in the state, and this was just one of those “off” years for the Ansel’s and their friends!  weather certainly played a factor along with standing corn, and the fact there was no snow to speak of during the whole season.  In fact it was 63 degrees today here in Monroe.  It has been unseasonably warm this whole year! Thank goodness I put one in the freezer during bow season!

The attached photo’s are from bow season!


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