A Season of Thankfulness

This year I had much of my venison from the 7 pointer made into venison burger.  I passed on the steaks and chops, and just had roast, backstraps jerky, sausage, and tenderloins beside the burger.  I can’t believe how much burger I have already gone through!  Several meat loafs and a few days ago my grandson Brady helped me make venison meatball for a thanksgiving party at Mrs. Mary’s pre-school.  for the last ten years or so I have done a Native American/Thanksgiving presentation for the kids. The class makes “stone soup” and I usually bring a little “wild” fare to the table!

I made two cookie sheets full of meatballs and kept them warm in a crock pot.  They were a big hit, as I waited till last to eat and didn’t even get one!  Good thing I snuck a few before they were served. Many complimented me on them and it’s always nice to allow others to taste natures bounty who aren’t hunters or otherwise would not experience the great food taken afield! I think it certainly helps with public relations with the non-hunting public!  As all outdoorsmen/hunters know we need all the allies we can muster, as the “antis” get crazier with their rhetoric!

Hope everyone had a great and thankful day yesterday.  My family sure did!  Four of our six kids were able to be with us with their spouses and our grandkids.  Can’t beat those family times of remembering the past, praying for the future, and genuine loving fellowship among us! We are truly thankful and blessed indeed!



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