Opening Day Michigan Deer Season 2017

In the last 57 years I have missed but one Michigan deer season, and that was in 1967 when I was serving in the army!  My brothers and I look so forward to October bow season and the November gun opener!  The anticipation is like waiting to open your birthday presents!

This year has been no different except the weather is some of the worst (if not the worst) opening day I can remember.  It rained across the whole state with gale force winds and rain coming down sideways in many area’s! Five of the six Ansel brothers were sitting in their stands trying not to be discouraged by wind and rains. No one got any shooting with only a few does being sited!  Brother Brett did see a half racked 4 pointer (should of been an 8) but declined to put him on the game pole! Some gave it their best shot but being cold, wet, and miserable was not conducive to an all morning wait for Mr. Big Buck!

Everyone was hoping that day two would be much better, but low and behold the winds have been like a fright train blowing through the trees!  Not only that there have been lingering rain showers which are keeping the deer “hunkered” down and not moving very much! Brother Darryl saw a small buck this morning, but nothing he was interested in.

I have a feeling that the number of deer harvested this year are going to be way down from previous years due to the bad weather from the “get-go!”

I do have a photo of a giant buck that was taken just across the road from where brother Darryl hunts in Bronson.  It looks to be a very symmetrical 12 pointer and is a “buck of a lifetime” for sure.  Just goes to show if your in the right spot at the right time you too could shoot a “wall hanger!”  Hope things improve over the next couple days, or I’m going to “hunker down” myself!


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