Some Michigan Archery Success 2017

Just today one of my younger brothers (Brad Ansel) sent me a picture of the “Hog” he took down last evening in Jackson County.  He lives in Parma and has a couple great pieces of property he can hunt.  He downed a wide spread 9 pointer with his crossbow!  The deer will go way over 200 pounds live weight.  Last week brother Darryl was able to pull a sneak on a nice fat 7 pointer feeding in a cut bean field.  Anyone who’s ever tried sneaking up on a deer know’s it isn’t easy!  Then there’s and old friend of mine (Tony Collino) who downed a bruiser of an eight pointer with his crossbow.  He also shared some great video, from his tree stand, on facebook!  Also pictured is Scott Kegerries (a friend of Darryl’s) who put down one “braggin” buck.  Don’t know how many points, but the height and mass of this buck is pretty incredible. I might as well include a picture of the buck I downed last Friday. It was missing a brow tine which made it a 7 pointer, but was a really big deer for my area.  Hope you enjoy the photo’s and success of your fellow hunters!


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