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Nows the Time to Enjoy Falls Harvest!

Saturday, December 30th, 2017

Now is the time to sit back and enjoy the “fruits” of the harvest over these last several months.  Two deer in the freezer would seem like a lot of good quality meat for the winter, but so many of my friends and family enjoy venison it goes pretty fast.  Over the holidays is always a good time to prepare some delicious venison for family, and friends, and that is just what I did.

I decided to do a venison roast (neck) and then make barbecue sandwiches out of that.  I put the big roast in a crock pot (on high) for most of the day.  I added spices, salt, ground pepper, lawry’s seasoned salt, and a touch of barbeque sauce to the pot and waited till the meat fell off the bone!  I then let it cool down some and broke the meat up in smaller pieces and discarded any fat!  I was the ready to add my “sweet baby back ribs” sauce, and it was ready for a bun!  This is well received by anyone who enjoys barbeque sandwiches, chips, and a soft drink!

I also prepared venison meatballs which I did in the oven at 325 degrees.  Four (4) pounds of meat made about 50 good sized meatballs.  I added onion, salt, pepper, 2 eggs, lawry’s seasoning, parsley, and a little catsup, and mixed it all up before rolling into meatballs!  The were baked for about 35-40 minutes and then put in a crock pot with mushroom sauce.  The crock pot would then be heated before serving.  My mom loves this and two “newbe’s” gave them a try with a “thumbs up!”

It’s good to share “wild game” with loved ones including non hunters and those that don’t get a chance to experience natures unpolluted bounty!  It’s a “win-win” situation for all partakers of this delicious fare!


Snow on the Ground and Still Lots of Deer to be Found!

Saturday, December 23rd, 2017

This past week I took the 3-1/2 hour drive to my place in Luzerne as the 4″ of snow on the ground beckoned me to come on up!  I love hunting with snow on the ground.  Earlier I had taken a really nice 7 pointer, so there wasn’t any real pressure to “shoot” another deer, but I did have two doe permits, and a good friend of mine would love one in his freezer! So with that in mind I set out to work on my camp, and if the chance came up, bag a good “eating” doe!

In fact I figured I would use my Myles Keller compound on this deer should I be given the opportunity. I’ve been shooting “rage” broadheads for about the last six years and had just purchased a dozen carbon arrows from Cabelas for my compound. My bow was set up to use “thunderhead 125’s, but I’ve had so much success with the 2-blade “rage” that I decided to swap out the “fixed” for the “mechanical!”

The first evening out I saw two spikes and a small forkhorn, plus a doe with two fawns.  Wasn’t messing with the small bucks, but there are quite a few doe’s roaming my area, and that’s what I was looking for.  The snow on the ground extended my visibility considerably, and I could detect movement much better than from my earlier hunts!

I skipped the second night of hunting as I worked late on the cabin and was very tired.  I figured I would sit for several hours in my blind on the third afternoon so I got out the cabin door around 3:30 p.m.  Two yearlings came through and offered me a great shot, but I declined, as it was still early. then a average sized doe worked her way into my food plot, but right behind her were two spring fawns!  My food plot was being demolished, so I was confident other deer would work their way in!  Just before dark a lone doe walked right beside my blind!  She was so close it startled me, as I banged my bow on the blind roof removing it from where it was hanging!  The doe froze and slowly back off from where she came.  I thought “I blew that” but low and behold she appeared on the other side of my blind about 12 yards away.  I was ready this time, picked a spot behind the shoulder and let my fingers release the string. The lighted nock appeared in her rib cage as she kicked her back legs in the air and headed for the thick woods.

I thought the arrow was a little far back so I waited an hour before checking for any blood trail.  I didn’t have to worry as a blind man could of tracked this deer!  She was bleeding bright red blood from both sides (double lung) and piled up about 100 yards from impact!  The “rage” was devastating as it blew through both rib cages, but stayed in the deer.  I went and got my deer dragging sled and pulled her back to my pole barn where I had a “deer cradle” ready to gut her in a most comfortable position.  I had just made the “cradle” that day and it is the best idea I have ever come up with to gut a deer.

My friend was happy to be able to put a deer in the freezer, and I felt good about putting it there for him!  Snow is the major reason I like late season hunting, but I must admit at 71 years old my muscles are still sore from dragging that doe several hundred yards back to my camp.  I’m thinking about putting a blind closer to the cabin next year?


Scott and Tom Calloway Score Big on Southern County Bucks!

Sunday, December 17th, 2017

My good friend Tom Calloway recently retired from his pharmacist job, and has he made good use of his time! Tom has been able to spend a little more time on his Hillsdale County 20 acres and its paid off for him, and his son Scott!  Twenty acres is not what most invision as a big buck “hot spot”, but if it is perfectly located between food sources, larger woods, and bedding area’s you might have a big buck “corridor!”

Tom has owned this piece of property for many years and they have taken 8-9 really nice southern county bucks, as well as many smaller bucks.  lately though it seems Tom and Scott are looking for the “bruisers” that roam that part of Hillsdale!

A few weeks into the bow season Scott arrowed (cross-bow) a really nice 8 point.  Last year his son Scottie shot a huge 8 point from the same stand!  Tom had passed on some small bucks throughout the season, but this past Friday he “nailed the biggest buck of his hunting career!  With his muzzleloader he was able to bring down a 10 point that tried to sneak past his stand.  Its a good thing there was snow on the ground, as Tom reports there was absolutely no blood to track from the shoulder shot from his 50 caliber! The deer didn’t go far, and the snow worked in Tom’s favor!

Not all big bucks roam the Calloways 20 acres as Scott downed another braggin buck in Petersburg, in Monroe County. It was another 8 pointer, but had all the good stuff that big deer carry on their heads.  It had tine length, mass. width, and beam length!  Scott does his own taxidermy and he’s going to be quite busy this winter.

Congratulations to the Calloway men as you continue the tradition of deer hunting in the great state of Michigan!



San Diego Continued

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

As most people know California has been fighting some of the worst fires in the states history!  The Los Angeles area has been hit hardest, but 5 days into our San Diego visit a brush fire broke out about 35 miles north of the city.  It quickly grew from 40 acres to several thousand as the Santa Anna winds pushed the flames in a westerly direction.  We watched the T.V. reports as several race horses lost their lives and one human death has been attributed to this fire. Several of these six major fires are only minimally contained and the biggest is not contained at all.

The Santa Anna winds kick up in the evening and the whole southern part of the state was on extreme fire alert, including us!  We could see the smoke in the far distance, but felt relatively safe where we were at!  Then on our sixth day there was a 4.2 (Richter Scale) earthquake about 30 miles north of us.  There were also a couple lesser aftershocks felt by the local residence!  We did not feel anything, but just the thought of fires and earthquakes happening on a regular basis made us happy to know we had a round trip ticket!

Our new grand-daughter was born the evening before her due date, which gave us 6 full days to help where needed!  Baby and mother are doing fine.  Jeremiah was delighted to see his new little sister, and loved his “big brother” shirt!

On one of the days we drove to the coast to see the “seals!”  We were very fortunate as there were about 30 of them catching some “rays” on the rocks in LaJolla!  I was able to climb within 40 feet of them and get some good snapshots of both seals and sea lions!  Sea lions rule the roost, and are huge as they dominate the seals!

Our flight was delayed 3 times by Delta which made for some anxious hours.  We never did find out why!  Once in the air the smoke from the fires could be seen as the plumes drifted out over the ocean.  We were glad to get home even if there was snow on the ground and more in the forecast!



San Diego Trip

Sunday, December 10th, 2017

We just returned home from 10 days in San Diego California. We went to be of some help as our daughter-in-law Heather, son Micah, and grandson Jeremiah as his little sister came into the world.  We were all hoping that Heather would be close to her “due date” so we could help with the needs of the hour.

The first few days Micah was our tour guide!  Right after picking up us at the airport we stopped at a fish market right on the water at the San Diego piers! Micah recommended the “fish taco”, and that’s just what we had.  The “Grouper” taco was (to my surprise) very delicious.  We enjoyed our meal on the docks as we looked out over all the fishing boats and the huge Navy vessel in the background!

The very next day we went to the world famous San Diego Zoo!  This zoo is immense and located in the heart of San Diego.  It’s only 4 miles from my sons place, so they take Jeremiah there quite often!  Lots of newer, and ongoing construction, as the zoo continues to be a leader in habitat and natural shelter management!  One actually needs more than a day to take in all the exhibits and sights! There was a lot of walking involved and my hips, knees, and feet rebelled against the abuse. I ended up sitting out for some of the exhibits, but my wife never stopped for a minute!

On day three we went to the ocean and actually stopped at Torrey Pines golf course!  The U.S. open is scheduled be played there in the next few years. I went to the pro shop, and bought a few items, and then looked out from the balcony over the course.  My son and I checked into playing a round, but greens fee”s, club rental, and a few other fee’s added up to over $300.00 for 18 holes!  To expensive for our blood, but the course was packed! I saw more BMW’s, Jaguars, Mercedes, Audi’s,and luxury cars in that parking lot than I’ve ever seen in my life! Lots of “high rollers” in San Diego.

Coronado Beach was our next stop!  This place is on everyone’s radar and has been for over 100 years.  It used to be exclusively private for the well to do, and has momento’s from Presidential visits, sports stars, and real stars (like Marilyn Monroe.) The hotel and private beach houses along with eateries and a exclusive shopping mall add to the festive activities!  There’s even a ice rink in the middle of boardwalk.

Well that’s enough for this post, but stay tuned as I write about the fires and earthquake that kept things interesting to say the least in my next post.