San Diego Continued

As most people know California has been fighting some of the worst fires in the states history!  The Los Angeles area has been hit hardest, but 5 days into our San Diego visit a brush fire broke out about 35 miles north of the city.  It quickly grew from 40 acres to several thousand as the Santa Anna winds pushed the flames in a westerly direction.  We watched the T.V. reports as several race horses lost their lives and one human death has been attributed to this fire. Several of these six major fires are only minimally contained and the biggest is not contained at all.

The Santa Anna winds kick up in the evening and the whole southern part of the state was on extreme fire alert, including us!  We could see the smoke in the far distance, but felt relatively safe where we were at!  Then on our sixth day there was a 4.2 (Richter Scale) earthquake about 30 miles north of us.  There were also a couple lesser aftershocks felt by the local residence!  We did not feel anything, but just the thought of fires and earthquakes happening on a regular basis made us happy to know we had a round trip ticket!

Our new grand-daughter was born the evening before her due date, which gave us 6 full days to help where needed!  Baby and mother are doing fine.  Jeremiah was delighted to see his new little sister, and loved his “big brother” shirt!

On one of the days we drove to the coast to see the “seals!”  We were very fortunate as there were about 30 of them catching some “rays” on the rocks in LaJolla!  I was able to climb within 40 feet of them and get some good snapshots of both seals and sea lions!  Sea lions rule the roost, and are huge as they dominate the seals!

Our flight was delayed 3 times by Delta which made for some anxious hours.  We never did find out why!  Once in the air the smoke from the fires could be seen as the plumes drifted out over the ocean.  We were glad to get home even if there was snow on the ground and more in the forecast!



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