San Diego Trip

We just returned home from 10 days in San Diego California. We went to be of some help as our daughter-in-law Heather, son Micah, and grandson Jeremiah as his little sister came into the world.  We were all hoping that Heather would be close to her “due date” so we could help with the needs of the hour.

The first few days Micah was our tour guide!  Right after picking up us at the airport we stopped at a fish market right on the water at the San Diego piers! Micah recommended the “fish taco”, and that’s just what we had.  The “Grouper” taco was (to my surprise) very delicious.  We enjoyed our meal on the docks as we looked out over all the fishing boats and the huge Navy vessel in the background!

The very next day we went to the world famous San Diego Zoo!  This zoo is immense and located in the heart of San Diego.  It’s only 4 miles from my sons place, so they take Jeremiah there quite often!  Lots of newer, and ongoing construction, as the zoo continues to be a leader in habitat and natural shelter management!  One actually needs more than a day to take in all the exhibits and sights! There was a lot of walking involved and my hips, knees, and feet rebelled against the abuse. I ended up sitting out for some of the exhibits, but my wife never stopped for a minute!

On day three we went to the ocean and actually stopped at Torrey Pines golf course!  The U.S. open is scheduled be played there in the next few years. I went to the pro shop, and bought a few items, and then looked out from the balcony over the course.  My son and I checked into playing a round, but greens fee”s, club rental, and a few other fee’s added up to over $300.00 for 18 holes!  To expensive for our blood, but the course was packed! I saw more BMW’s, Jaguars, Mercedes, Audi’s,and luxury cars in that parking lot than I’ve ever seen in my life! Lots of “high rollers” in San Diego.

Coronado Beach was our next stop!  This place is on everyone’s radar and has been for over 100 years.  It used to be exclusively private for the well to do, and has momento’s from Presidential visits, sports stars, and real stars (like Marilyn Monroe.) The hotel and private beach houses along with eateries and a exclusive shopping mall add to the festive activities!  There’s even a ice rink in the middle of boardwalk.

Well that’s enough for this post, but stay tuned as I write about the fires and earthquake that kept things interesting to say the least in my next post.



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