Scott and Tom Calloway Score Big on Southern County Bucks!

My good friend Tom Calloway recently retired from his pharmacist job, and has he made good use of his time! Tom has been able to spend a little more time on his Hillsdale County 20 acres and its paid off for him, and his son Scott!  Twenty acres is not what most invision as a big buck “hot spot”, but if it is perfectly located between food sources, larger woods, and bedding area’s you might have a big buck “corridor!”

Tom has owned this piece of property for many years and they have taken 8-9 really nice southern county bucks, as well as many smaller bucks.  lately though it seems Tom and Scott are looking for the “bruisers” that roam that part of Hillsdale!

A few weeks into the bow season Scott arrowed (cross-bow) a really nice 8 point.  Last year his son Scottie shot a huge 8 point from the same stand!  Tom had passed on some small bucks throughout the season, but this past Friday he “nailed the biggest buck of his hunting career!  With his muzzleloader he was able to bring down a 10 point that tried to sneak past his stand.  Its a good thing there was snow on the ground, as Tom reports there was absolutely no blood to track from the shoulder shot from his 50 caliber! The deer didn’t go far, and the snow worked in Tom’s favor!

Not all big bucks roam the Calloways 20 acres as Scott downed another braggin buck in Petersburg, in Monroe County. It was another 8 pointer, but had all the good stuff that big deer carry on their heads.  It had tine length, mass. width, and beam length!  Scott does his own taxidermy and he’s going to be quite busy this winter.

Congratulations to the Calloway men as you continue the tradition of deer hunting in the great state of Michigan!



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  1. Kathy Calloway says:

    What a wonderful article. Thank you!