Deer Hunt Memories!

Six summers ago we bought our cabin in Luzerne Michigan.  It’s not far from my old stomping grounds in Lewiston where my dad broke his six sons in to the joy’s of deer hunting.  What wonderful memories I have from those days of old!  Back then you had to be 14 years old to hunt deer with a gun, so that means I’ve been on the old “whitetail trail” for 57 years!  I can remember each deer that fell to the ground from the blast of my rifle, but in particular remember (with overwhelming joy) how happy I was when my dad downed a buck!  Quite frankly it wasn’t that often for either of us! It took me many years in the timber to finally hang one on the game pole, and it was a doe at that!

Which leads me to ponder two of the could of, would of, and should of’s in my “checkered” past! Once I had a bead on a six point pie-bald that was a once in a lifetime sight!  As I was settling in on his shoulder I dropped one of my gloves, and at that the buck bolted, and my finger never got to pull the trigger.  The other good/bad memory took place on a deer drive when a huge 10 point busted cover and ran toward the line of hunters we had on stand!  I was a driver, but George Millhouse fired several shots at the big buck and turned him back my way!  I was in a clear cut carrying a brand new weatherby 7mm magnum with a leupold scope.  I had never used a scope before and totally blew it as I fired 4 shots at this running buck, and didn’t pull a hair.  The scope fit flush with the barrel so there was not open sites under it!

I took a few deer with rifles, but never was consistent until I took up bowhunting in the late 60’s and early 70’s!  My success changed so much that my rifle would usually gather dust, as my tags would be filled during bow season. Over the last 10 years I have put “to rest” some very decent deer, and mind you I am not a bona-fide trophy hunter.  A combination of skill, luck, and location, location, location has played a part in five of my bucks scoring high enough for the Pope and Young record books!  My biggest being a Jackson County 8 pointer that grossed over 160!  In 2016 I took a huge 6 pointer that scored over 110.

I can’t tell you that I have any secrets to big buck success, but I will say the location I hunt is big buck territory with little hunting pressure.  Four out of the last six years I have taken trophy bucks in an area not really known for big bucks.  This years 7 pointer dressed out at 174 pounds, which is a great buck for the northern lower!

The only thing missing from these later year memories is my Dad!  The time his son’s were able to spend with him was not long enough.  My dad passed away 40 years ago at the age of 58.  What a great father he was!  His six sons admired and looked to him for guidance and approval. But cigarettes didn’t care how much we needed and loved him! They removed him from the “hunt” and created a void in his family that continues to this day.

So in conclusion you guys reading this do your family a tremendous favor and throw those cigarettes away!  Seek help if you have to, but do something!  Is it worth selling yourself short of your lifespan by 20 years or more, and eliminating the deer woods in your golden years?




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