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2018 Michigan Turkey Hunt!

Thursday, April 26th, 2018

My last post was titled “Weather will play a big part in Turkey opener!”  That turned out to be so very true, at least for me!

I arrived at my cabin on Friday before the Monday opener.  I immediately got my Dodge 1500 4×4 stuck at the entrance to my driveway where the road commision had stacked up about 3 feet of wet heavy snow and ice.  My hired “plowing service” had not touched my driveway from the record snowfall of 5-6 days ago, and I was left to “dig my truck out of this snowbank!  The frame was hung up and it took everything I had to get free of this “bad decision” to bust through this barricade!  Once through I had to deal with 10-12 inches of snow that was making everything more difficult!

Actually the temperatures were in the 50’s and 60’s for the opening two days so snow was melting making a muddy mess of everything!  I had scouted Saturday and Sunday and never saw any sign of birds in the area?  To make this story short I only saw two hens in three days of hunting and never had a Tom answer my hen calls!  I have never failed to take a turkey around my place during the spring hunt, but then I’ve never hunted in these extreme weather conditions either!  This is the first year (in many) I can remember getting “skunked”while pursuing a turkey dinner.

As bad as it was around my place further north in Gaylord my brother Darryl, his son Derek, and his two grandsons Tanner and Tristan were doing a whole lot better.  The snow was actually much deeper in the Gaylord area “snowbelt” but they were hunting turkey “heaven!”  They were seeing 40-60 birds every time they went out, even though the Tom’s were already “henned” up!  It’s hard to call a tom away from his “girlfriend” but Darryl and Derek were able to do just that, as Tanner and Tristan put the “smackdown” on two trophy Toms!  Tanner shot his (with a bow) opening morning at 30 yards, and Tristan got his Wednesday morning at 14 yards with his bow.  Tanners bird had multiple beards while Tristan’s had a long 11 inch beard!  Way to go guys!  That’s quite an accomplishment to take a turkey with bow and string.  Meanwhile could you please save me a drumstick?  My freezer will hold no wild turkey this spring, but there’s always hope for the fall hunt!


Weather Will Play a Big Part in Turkey Opener!

Saturday, April 14th, 2018

Eight more days till turkey opener and I’m the “least” excited I’ve ever been!  One of the largest Spring storms to ever hit the state of Michigan is pounding the northern woods with rain, snow, ice, and high winds!  For three days this onslaught is forcast for my favorite turkey hunting grounds!  I do not like hunting in the snow for a bird (turkey) that loves to strut in the sunshine and look for a pretty lady!

With the ice, wind and heavy snow I could loose power or have trees down all over my property!  The forecast for this upcoming week is one of gloom and doom also!  Usually the 1st hunt for turkey season is your best, but I’m thinking those birds may wait awhile to get into the swing of things looking for a hen.  In years past I’ve gone with the month long 3rd. hunt which may turn out to be the best chance to get a bird.

Oh well not much anyone can do about that!  I just hope the snow is melted by the 23rd. and I don’t have to plow my driveway to get into my place.


Spring Turkey Season 2018

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

The Spring turkey season is fast approaching, but you would never know it by the weather!  I can’t remember a longer more drawn out winter (it’s supposed to be Spring) than this one.  Our 10 day weather forecast calls for 8 days of a snow/rain mix and temperatures in the 30’s and 40’s! Their still snowmobiling up around our cabin!  I can’t even get to excited about scouting due to the lousy weather!

I have seen some activity down here in Monroe as the Tom”s are still “bunched” up and not seeking any “love” just yet.  I drew the first hunt so I hope some sunshine breaks through the clouds and gets those Tom’s after the hen’s!  I’m thinking those with a third hunt are going to have a better chance than us early birds!  We shall see?

I’ll post some photo’s from the last few years just to get everyone in the turkey hunting “zone!