2018 Michigan Turkey Hunt!

My last post was titled “Weather will play a big part in Turkey opener!”  That turned out to be so very true, at least for me!

I arrived at my cabin on Friday before the Monday opener.  I immediately got my Dodge 1500 4×4 stuck at the entrance to my driveway where the road commision had stacked up about 3 feet of wet heavy snow and ice.  My hired “plowing service” had not touched my driveway from the record snowfall of 5-6 days ago, and I was left to “dig my truck out of this snowbank!  The frame was hung up and it took everything I had to get free of this “bad decision” to bust through this barricade!  Once through I had to deal with 10-12 inches of snow that was making everything more difficult!

Actually the temperatures were in the 50’s and 60’s for the opening two days so snow was melting making a muddy mess of everything!  I had scouted Saturday and Sunday and never saw any sign of birds in the area?  To make this story short I only saw two hens in three days of hunting and never had a Tom answer my hen calls!  I have never failed to take a turkey around my place during the spring hunt, but then I’ve never hunted in these extreme weather conditions either!  This is the first year (in many) I can remember getting “skunked”while pursuing a turkey dinner.

As bad as it was around my place further north in Gaylord my brother Darryl, his son Derek, and his two grandsons Tanner and Tristan were doing a whole lot better.  The snow was actually much deeper in the Gaylord area “snowbelt” but they were hunting turkey “heaven!”  They were seeing 40-60 birds every time they went out, even though the Tom’s were already “henned” up!  It’s hard to call a tom away from his “girlfriend” but Darryl and Derek were able to do just that, as Tanner and Tristan put the “smackdown” on two trophy Toms!  Tanner shot his (with a bow) opening morning at 30 yards, and Tristan got his Wednesday morning at 14 yards with his bow.  Tanners bird had multiple beards while Tristan’s had a long 11 inch beard!  Way to go guys!  That’s quite an accomplishment to take a turkey with bow and string.  Meanwhile could you please save me a drumstick?  My freezer will hold no wild turkey this spring, but there’s always hope for the fall hunt!


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