Late Season Turkey Update

My brother Darryl finally arrowed his gobbler, as he once again goes for the coveted Michigan Bowhunters “Grand Slam” award!  He dropped the Jake in it’s tracks as it ran into his decoy after some persistent “hen” calls. He set a personal record this year by helping 11 others get their birds.  Also pictured is Caleb Smiley with his monster tom called in by his dad Scott not far from their house.  It’s Caleb’s second big turkey, and dad took one earlier hunting with Darryl who is his father-in-law! Also pictured is Jakson Ansel (Darryl’s grandson) with his turkey.  His brother Jacob got one earlier!

Looks like me and my brother Brett were the only two turkey hunters that have to go to Krogers this year for their bird.  I guess there’s always the fall hunt?


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