Third Animal Attack This week at Yellowstone

A woman was gored by a bison yesterday as a crowd of tourist once again invaded the territory of these lard beast.  A crowd had gathered on the lower basin when a herd of bison were seen from the road.  People got out of their cars and walked within 15 feet of these dangerous and unpredictable animal.  This is not a petting zoo, but real “wild” animals that can take your life in an instant.  When you encroach on their “turf”you may end up sorry; very sorry!

My grandson worked as a computer specialist for two years at Mammoth Hot Springs near the north entrance. He witnessed many “stupid” things that tourist would do while there including 5 fatalities during his two years!

We visited him two years ago and spent a week exploring the vastness of the park and it’s amazing wildlife.  Right around the Park Headquarters there is always a large gathering of elk who roam freely between buildings, cars, and people.  There are signs all over to stay a secure distance away from these large members of the deer family, but many do not heed the warnings and pay the price.  We saw an Oriental woman trying to put her daughter on the back of a cow elk.  Grandson Quinn yelled at her and she sheepishly back off! There was also a young lady who put her arm around a bison feeding in the grassy area near headquarters who was gored to death when the 1600 pound animal was startled!  All this for a “selfie?”

Bison and elk are two of the more unpredictable animals that need to be given a wide birth, but a lot of tourist (many foreigners) think their at a “petting zoo!” Park personnel do their best but it’s hard to police 10’s of thousands of visitors each and every day!

Not only can the animal’s hurt, maim, or kill you, but the rivers, lakes, and terrain can also do you in. One of Quinn’s acquaintances dove from a cliff into a swift moving glacial river never to be seen again!  Another young man got off the trailway and disappeared into a hot springs where signs are posted all over “Do not get off the boardwalk!”

So I am not surprised at all that “When Animals Attack” is happening at Yellowstone, especially since some people believe these are tame, harmless, cartoon creatures!


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