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Huron Metro Park Fishing With Papa

Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

What a beautiful day we had at the Huron Metro park on Huron Drive off of I-275.  I took my grandson Kyle there to do a little fishing and enjoy this summer cool spell.  We fished from the dock going out into the lake, and could see 10-12 inch bass swimming around in the shallow water.  I think that the bass and panfish were mostly off their nest and they didn’t seem very interested in what we were offering them.

About an hour after we arrived two gentlemen arrived with their 5 year old grand daughter.  they weren’t there 5 minutes and Lacey was reeling in a very nice pumpkin seed sunfish much to Lacey’s delight.  Grandpa (Papa) Chris hooked several more in just a few minutes and would hand the rod and reel to Lacey for her to “bring in the big one!”  Lacey’s other Papa (Mike) was fishing off the shore but not having the success that Papa Chris and Lacey were having.  Papa Chris used to bring his daughter Sascha (Lacey’s mom) hear when she was a little girl.  They live in Taylor so it’s not to far of a drive for them.

I have fished with all of my 14 grandkids except two in California, so I know that “snacks” are an important part of the whole fishing expedition thing.  Lacey had plenty of snacks and a nice cold coke to sip on when needed.

It was very pleasant meeting this sweet little fisher lady and her two Papa’s!  It’s just a wonderful memory building way to spend some quality time with the grandkids, and Lacey and Kyle enjoyed the time with their Papa’s!


Money Grabbing state Officials At It Again

Monday, July 9th, 2018

A few years ago the State DNR upped the price more than double to ride your 4-wheeler or snowmobile on state lands.  In fact if you wanted (or needed) a state sticker you first had to buy another sticker (base) that would allow you to buy the sticker you needed.  What a bunch of crap!  I have two four wheelers at camp and it cost me $72 dollars to ride on state land each year. I recently talked with a couple snowmobilers that quit riding due to the excessive gouging by the state.

Trail number 9 is just down the street from my camp and last year they put up a gate that only allows certain width 4-wheelers to pass through.  In other words if you own one of the bigger 2-6 passenger ORV’s you can’t ride these trails!  What’s the deal on that?  You have to buy a sticker but are limited on the trails you can ride?

And while I’m at it the DNR and seen to make it illegal to carry a person (adult, child, grandchild) on your 4 wheeler even if you have installed an over the counter seat for them! In order to carry a passenger you must buy a four wheeler that has a factory installed seat, not an after market one!  So to satisfy the law one must shell out $5-7,000 dollars on a new orv with a factory installed back rest.  Again what a bunch of crap.

Just yesterday I found out that the Michigan Waterways Commission has a resolution (House Concurrent Resolution 22) that would charge a yearly registration fee of $10.00 dollars on all canoe’s, kayak’s, and paddle board’s.  whats next “squirt guns and nerf toys?”  There are currently around 600,000 canoe’s kayak’s and paddle boards in Michigan and at 10 dollars a crack the total would be $6,000,000 dollars worth of more new fees for Michigan’s recreational users.  Do they want us all to stay home cause we can’t afford the forest and waterways that surround us? Ridiculous!



Cabin Week July 4th.

Sunday, July 8th, 2018

Finally five days at the cabin.  My wife and I were able to leave Sunday after a grandson’s graduation party and stay until the following friday evening.  Our daughter Tara, her husband Glen, their son Kyle, and his cousin Brady joined us late Tuesday evening.

We crammed a lot into 4-5 days and were even able to relax from time to time!  The various communities had scheduled their fireworks displays for different nights so we had our pick of where to go.

The weather started off with a “heat advisory” for the first three days, but Thursday and Friday were awesome weather wise! Due to the intense heat I went to the local Luzerne hardware store and bought a “kiddie pool” to cool off in!  Might of been the smartest thing I did on this trip.  How refreshing it was to sit in a lawn chair in the middle of the pool and splash water on myself when needed! We also have air conditioning at the main cabin which helped us stay comfortable inside.

I was able to get 9 holes of golf in at the Fairview Hills golf course, and as usual my 13 year old grandson beat me.  Not by much mind you (42-44) but a whooping is a whooping!  We also fished at McCormick Lake, visited Hartwick Pines in Grayling, and went to the Cedar Valley Amusement Park in Comins!

At the cabin we rode 4-wheelers and played “ladder ball golf,” and did some target practice with the pellet guns.  Glen had a rip roaring fire one evening and we ate more “s’mores” than we should of!  I was able to do a little work around the place, but the intent was to enjoy the family and the joys of sharing Michigan’s great outdoors.

On a side note my wives bird feeder was missing, and the third day there I found it in the woods smashed!  The limb it was hanging on was broken so that leads me to believe a hungry black bear visited us “once again!”