Hunting Season Countdown!

The guys are gearing up for the upcoming deer and bear seasons as summer winds down.  Reports are coming in of many deer being seen this year as Michigan had another relatively mild winter! Last weekend I put a trail camera out on one of the major deer runs by my place and captured 4 bucks in one evening plus two doe and two fawns!  There was a 10, two 8’s and a 6 point!  Haven’t been that many bucks around in awhile.

Not only that there is a group of 33 turkeys in the area.  Three hens and 30 babies!  Wow!  That is phenomenal!  It looks like the “sponsored” coyote hunts have really helped the deer and turkey populations. For the last several years the Luzerne area has had a coyote/bobcat/fox hunt with one coyote being tagged.  Anyone bagging the tagged coyote gets a $1000.00 prize!  I have not heard the howl of a prowling “yote” for a couple years and I don’t mind if it stays that way!

My brother and two of his grandkids drew bear permits, and so did three of the grandkids of our camp host Gary Baldwin.  There will be a whole lot of work going on baiting for bruins this year.

Tuesday were headed over to Branch county to check out our stands, and cut some shooting lanes.  The property owner has been seeing a lot of deer with some bruisers among them. The youth hunt should pay off for the young ones this year!


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