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Sighting in the Bows for Deer Season!

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

The opening of Michigan’s deer bowhunting season is just five days away. for the last several years I have been alternating between my compound bow and my excalibur crossbow.  I usually try and put some venison in the freezer as early as possible, so the crossbow is the weapon of choice.  At 72 years old the compound is getting harder to draw back, so the draw weight has been getting less and less.  I’m shooting a meager 50 pounds this year while my crossbow has a 180 pound draw weight and is blazing fast.

I have been practicing with both weapons so far and feel quite confident in both bow’s, but I’m super excited about the performance of the Cabela’s Excalibur!  I shot a few squirrels with it after deer season was over, and then hung it in my closet.  I took it out the other day hoping no adjustments were going to be necessary.  You never know about bow’s, crossbows, or even guns as to the wether they are still zeroed in from the last time you used them.

I set a target up at 20 yards to see where I would be hitting.  I placed a crossbow bolt stopping target behind the box I was shooting at.  There was a small picture of a lamp that would be my target.  The lamp measured about 3″x 3!” My first bolt was just to the left of dead center so I mad a 2 click adjustment (left) on the scope.  As you can see from the photo the second bolt was pretty much “dead” on!  No more adjustment needed.  This spells trouble for the deer in my neck of the woods this year.  Yum I can taste those backstraps now!


Jacob and Jackson Ansel Score on Youth Hunt!

Tuesday, September 25th, 2018

Brothers Jacob and Jackson Ansel had a very successful youth deer hunt this past weekend.  The brothers, who were hunting with their dad (Derek) and grandpa (Darryl) downed similar 8 point bucks, on consecutive evenings, while hunting in Monroe County.

Jackson nailed his buck on Saturday evening as he was set up overlooking a soybean field.  He actually had 5 bucks at 150 yards, with two being in the 150 class range.  That’s a little to far for Jackson’s Remington 870 20 gauge, so for a time all he and grandpa could do is wait.  Suddenly something spooked the deer and they trotted toward the woods. four of them slipped into the thick cover without presenting a shot, but the last deer stopped at 80 yards, and grandpa said “Take him!” Jackson is dead on with his weapon and double lunged the buck before he jumped into the foliage.  A great tracking job insured them that this buck was going into the freezer.

The following evening, as the youth hunt was winding down, Jacob was on stand at the same bean field. It did not look like Jacob would get a shot, but as fate would have it a late chance presented itself and Jacob didn’t let his dad or grandpa down.  He pulled off a great 100 yard shot (actually two) with both being dead center in the chest cavity. There was no problem finding Jacobs nice 8 point which was very similar to his younger brothers.

Way to go boys!  I hope you have plenty of room in your freezer at home, cause the season has just begun!

Uncle Mike

Minnesota Firefighters Rescue Bear from Milk Can

Friday, September 14th, 2018

They tried drilling air holes, but that didn’t help. Neither did applying cooking oil.

In the end, it took firefighters and the jaws of life to free a black bear from a 10-gallon milk jug stuck on its head.

A Minnesota Department of Natural Resources officer and several others tried their darndest  to help the four-legged critter. When boring holes into the container did not good, they tried lathering the animal’s furry neck with oil, hoping to slide it off.

That’s when they called the local fire department.

A tarp was brought out, and one of the firefighters, who also is a wrestling coach, tried to wrestle the jug off. But the man was no match for the bear.

Those assembled were committed to saving the animal.

“The last thing I wanted to do was put that bear down,” resources officer Eric Benjamin told the Grand Forks Herald. “But there wouldn’t have been any other options if we couldn’t get that can off its head.”

So they resorted to what rescue works use on humans trapped by metal. They brought in the jaws of life. While several people held down the bear, the jug was pried off the animal’s head.

Sans milk bucket, the bear looked around and ran for the woods.

There were a few drops of water and some leaves in the bottom of jug, and firefighters thought the bear was looking for a drink because of a recent dry spell.

A similar predicament befell the fictional Winnie the Pooh, thought that mishap involved a honey pot.

Minnesota Firefighters Rescue Bear with Its Head Stuck in Milk Can

Last Backstrap!

Thursday, September 13th, 2018

Over the weekend I prepared my last venison backstrap before I put some more in the freezer this year.  I like to save a package and prepare it just before deer season opens, just to remind me how “good” venison is to eat!

I seasoned the backstraps, got the grill nice and hot, and put some potatoes on the stove.  I sprayed the grill with olive oil and butterflied the steaks into 7 beautiful pieces.  I then added onions on top of the steaks for a little more flavor! The plan was to share the meal with another venison aficionado!  It took about 25 minutes on the grill.  The potatoes I boiled whole and a can of green beans were added to the mix.

Well once I took my first hot and tasty bite of those mouth watering backstraps the plan to share them went out the window!  I didn’t eat all seven in one setting, but trust me they disappeared within a 24 hour period!  I have about three more weeks before I can try and restock my freezer, but I am definitely “pumped” to do just that!

Those that turn there nose up at “wild game” and especially venison don’t know what their missing.  But that’s okay cause “I” don’t like to share my venison anyway!  Ha!


Labor Day at the Cabin!

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018

Just returned from our cabin in Luzerne as we celebrated the Labor Day weekend with our daughter Tara, husband Glen, and grandson Kyle.

while I took care of cutting the grass, working on the pole barns, repairing tree stands, painting the front door, and the typical maintenance that comes with an up north place, Glen and Kyle fished.  Twice they were able to haul Glen’s boat to a hidden lake about 15 miles from our place. We take the grandkids their regularly as we can usually catch some panfish right from shore.

Glen and Kyle caught perch, rock bass, and smallmouth on their time at the lake and of course the really big one got away!  Glen had hooked a monster smallmouth on a minnow and had it up to the boat, but the net was stuck under a seat, so he tried to lift it into the boat.  The line snapped and off went the “new state record” small mouth bass!  At least that’s Glen’s story, and I’m sure he’s sticking with it!

Sunday the whole crew drove into Petoskey to ride the bike trails and swim in Lake Michigan.  I stayed at the cabin to finish some of my “honey do’s” and straighten up my messy pole barn!  They were gone most of the day and all enjoyed the Petoskey area very much.  They even found several Petoskey stones along the lake front!

The weather was fine even if the forecast wasn’t, as it only rained late one afternoon and into the night.  We did hit a “doozy” of a storm coming home Monday night right around Ann Arbor, but made it home safe and sound.

I feel good about the upcoming youth hunt, as I have quite a few deer on my trail camera’s coming into my food plot!  Hopefully Kyle will bring home some venison again this year!  I’ll report on the hunt later in the month!