Jacob and Jackson Ansel Score on Youth Hunt!

Brothers Jacob and Jackson Ansel had a very successful youth deer hunt this past weekend.  The brothers, who were hunting with their dad (Derek) and grandpa (Darryl) downed similar 8 point bucks, on consecutive evenings, while hunting in Monroe County.

Jackson nailed his buck on Saturday evening as he was set up overlooking a soybean field.  He actually had 5 bucks at 150 yards, with two being in the 150 class range.  That’s a little to far for Jackson’s Remington 870 20 gauge, so for a time all he and grandpa could do is wait.  Suddenly something spooked the deer and they trotted toward the woods. four of them slipped into the thick cover without presenting a shot, but the last deer stopped at 80 yards, and grandpa said “Take him!” Jackson is dead on with his weapon and double lunged the buck before he jumped into the foliage.  A great tracking job insured them that this buck was going into the freezer.

The following evening, as the youth hunt was winding down, Jacob was on stand at the same bean field. It did not look like Jacob would get a shot, but as fate would have it a late chance presented itself and Jacob didn’t let his dad or grandpa down.  He pulled off a great 100 yard shot (actually two) with both being dead center in the chest cavity. There was no problem finding Jacobs nice 8 point which was very similar to his younger brothers.

Way to go boys!  I hope you have plenty of room in your freezer at home, cause the season has just begun!

Uncle Mike

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