Labor Day at the Cabin!

Just returned from our cabin in Luzerne as we celebrated the Labor Day weekend with our daughter Tara, husband Glen, and grandson Kyle.

while I took care of cutting the grass, working on the pole barns, repairing tree stands, painting the front door, and the typical maintenance that comes with an up north place, Glen and Kyle fished.  Twice they were able to haul Glen’s boat to a hidden lake about 15 miles from our place. We take the grandkids their regularly as we can usually catch some panfish right from shore.

Glen and Kyle caught perch, rock bass, and smallmouth on their time at the lake and of course the really big one got away!  Glen had hooked a monster smallmouth on a minnow and had it up to the boat, but the net was stuck under a seat, so he tried to lift it into the boat.  The line snapped and off went the “new state record” small mouth bass!  At least that’s Glen’s story, and I’m sure he’s sticking with it!

Sunday the whole crew drove into Petoskey to ride the bike trails and swim in Lake Michigan.  I stayed at the cabin to finish some of my “honey do’s” and straighten up my messy pole barn!  They were gone most of the day and all enjoyed the Petoskey area very much.  They even found several Petoskey stones along the lake front!

The weather was fine even if the forecast wasn’t, as it only rained late one afternoon and into the night.  We did hit a “doozy” of a storm coming home Monday night right around Ann Arbor, but made it home safe and sound.

I feel good about the upcoming youth hunt, as I have quite a few deer on my trail camera’s coming into my food plot!  Hopefully Kyle will bring home some venison again this year!  I’ll report on the hunt later in the month!



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