Last Backstrap!

Over the weekend I prepared my last venison backstrap before I put some more in the freezer this year.  I like to save a package and prepare it just before deer season opens, just to remind me how “good” venison is to eat!

I seasoned the backstraps, got the grill nice and hot, and put some potatoes on the stove.  I sprayed the grill with olive oil and butterflied the steaks into 7 beautiful pieces.  I then added onions on top of the steaks for a little more flavor! The plan was to share the meal with another venison aficionado!  It took about 25 minutes on the grill.  The potatoes I boiled whole and a can of green beans were added to the mix.

Well once I took my first hot and tasty bite of those mouth watering backstraps the plan to share them went out the window!  I didn’t eat all seven in one setting, but trust me they disappeared within a 24 hour period!  I have about three more weeks before I can try and restock my freezer, but I am definitely “pumped” to do just that!

Those that turn there nose up at “wild game” and especially venison don’t know what their missing.  But that’s okay cause “I” don’t like to share my venison anyway!  Ha!


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