Sighting in the Bows for Deer Season!

The opening of Michigan’s deer bowhunting season is just five days away. for the last several years I have been alternating between my compound bow and my excalibur crossbow.  I usually try and put some venison in the freezer as early as possible, so the crossbow is the weapon of choice.  At 72 years old the compound is getting harder to draw back, so the draw weight has been getting less and less.  I’m shooting a meager 50 pounds this year while my crossbow has a 180 pound draw weight and is blazing fast.

I have been practicing with both weapons so far and feel quite confident in both bow’s, but I’m super excited about the performance of the Cabela’s Excalibur!  I shot a few squirrels with it after deer season was over, and then hung it in my closet.  I took it out the other day hoping no adjustments were going to be necessary.  You never know about bow’s, crossbows, or even guns as to the wether they are still zeroed in from the last time you used them.

I set a target up at 20 yards to see where I would be hitting.  I placed a crossbow bolt stopping target behind the box I was shooting at.  There was a small picture of a lamp that would be my target.  The lamp measured about 3″x 3!” My first bolt was just to the left of dead center so I mad a 2 click adjustment (left) on the scope.  As you can see from the photo the second bolt was pretty much “dead” on!  No more adjustment needed.  This spells trouble for the deer in my neck of the woods this year.  Yum I can taste those backstraps now!


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