Early Season Success

Not a whole lot going on in the deer woods right now as the warm temperatures have kept the deer from moving very much.  It’s just been to hot for many hunters to venture out, but a couple of those who did put meat in the freezer.

I did go out one evening and watched a racoon and nothing else, but mosquitoes!  Brother Darryl has only been out a few times, and actually saw some deer, but they were to far for a shot.

My brother Randy has  160 acres in Onaway and his son Josh shot a 7 point early in the week.  They have been seeing quite a few deer, and according to Randy the pre-rut is about to kick in!  Josh made a nice shot on his buck and “dad” was there to help him drag it out.

Another very nice buck was put on the ground by one of Darryl’s hunting buddies (Dan) who ventured out in the heat and nailed a very nice 8 pointer in Branch county.  So far these are the only two success stories I can report for the year, but the cool down is hear and the deer are moving.  In fact it’s snowing in the Upper Peninsula right now.  The next couple weeks are looking much better!


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