Grandson Kyle Does It Again

Just returned home from 6 days in the deer woods.  My grandson Kyle joined me over this past weekend to see if he could bag another buck to his trophy room?  Kyle is 13 years old and and up to this past weekend has downed 2 does and a nice 6 point buck, all with a crossbow.

I was working on our cabins and checking my scouting camera’s for any deer activity in the area.  I was seeing a couple bucks and several does and yearlings in my back food plot.  I figured that’s where Kyle and I would sit Saturday evening which was to be his only chance for an evening hunt.

Saturday dawned with a steady drizzle that would last the whole day and evening.  It wasn’t a downpour, just a damp soggy wet day!  I figured the deer may start to move early so we got to the blind around 4:30 p.m. At 6 o’clock a doe and fawn came into the plot and grazed for about 20 minutes.  Right after they left a big lone doe came in and presented a nice 20 yard shot.  I couldn’t talk Kyle into shooting it even though his time was limited!  With about 10 minutes of shooting light left another doe came in followed by a buck and another doe!  Neither of us could tell exactly how big the horns were, but I suspected it was the 6 pointer I had on my trail camera.

I took the safety off the crossbow which was balanced on a rest built into my blind window. Kyle had the buck in the scope of my Excalibur as I reminded him to aim for the leg crease behind the shoulder. It was about a 22 yard shot that should of been just perfect for my 20 yard pin!

Kyle squeezed off the shot and we heard the familiar sound of a solid hit.  The bolt flies at such speed you cannot see it go through the air, but we were both confident the Rage broadhead found its mark.  The 3 deer bolted and darkness was soon to be upon us?

Next up:  A tracking job we never expected!

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