The Tracking Job We Never Expected

In yesterdays post grandson Kyle and I had just left the blind to see if we could pick up a blood trail.. I had called Kyle’s dad Glen and he was going to meet us in about 15 minutes.  I had 2 good flashlights in my back pack, but left my compass in the blind (big mistake) because I didn’t think we were going to have to track this deer very far.

At the area of impact I found the bolt covered in bright red blood indicating heart, liver, or a major artery!  There were no bubbles or foamy blood so right away I figured he missed the lungs, but probably got the heart!  There was not much blood to follow and we had to work hard picking up a drop here and a drop there.  Mind you it was raining (drizzle) and I was a little concerned the trail may get washed away.  By the time Glen arrived we had only tracked about 40 yards.  We continued slowly as the deer went from traveling in a northwestern direction to a southerly direction!

I decided to move out front about 50 yards to see if I could intercept a blood trail and save us some time.  I knew that a well worn deer run was in the direction he seemed to be headed and sure enough I found blood on the trail.  I called the guys forward and we stayed on the trail for about 50 yards when suddenly the deer vered off to the left and headed for some blow downs and thicker brush. I figured he was going to lay up in some of that heavy stuff but his trail took several twist and turns that led me to believe this was no heart shot either!

After about 250 yards of some excellent tracking from Kyle, and of course grandpa, we saw the deer piled up near a scrub oak! We were all astonished to see no wound in the chest area on the side of the deer Kyle had shot at?  Instead there was a 2-1/2 inch wound in the right hip?  We rolled him over and there was an exit wound 5 inches below the spine but short of the lungs. I am sold on Rage broadheads and the wound channel they make on impact! Somehow Kyle hit the “butt” in the process and sliced the femoral artery (thus the bright red blood.) This nice 6 pointer was Kyle’s second 6 pointer in the last two years from my cabin property!

We took some photo’s and then asked one another “Which way to camp?” The three of us pointed in 3 different directions!  Because I’m supposed to be familiar with the area they followed me as I tried to get a feel for where we were at.  Oh how I wished I had grabbed my compass!  After stumbling around for awhile I got the great idea to call the girls back at camp and have them blow the truck horn.  They did but we were having a hard time telling where the sound was coming from.  Kyles phone has a directional locator on it and my daughter Tara was able to turn us completely around and head us back to camp.  Isn’t technology great?  Glen and Kyle were dragging the ungutted deer until we found one of my 4-wheeler trails and it was a piece of cake from there.

We strung up the buck in the pole barn and good old grandpa got to show Kyle (once again) how to gut a deer.  Bed was awful inviting as we didn’t hit the pillows till 1:30 a.m.  Next time Kyle you better have been paying attention on gutting your own deer and I will have a compass in my pocket!



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