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A Few More Success Stories for 2018 Deer Season

Monday, November 26th, 2018

I just heard from a friend of mine (Ken Currie) about his recent hunting success around Mio Michigan.  Ken’s cabin is only about 5-6 miles from mine, and he seems to have the deer patterned in his area.  He took a nice buck last year that almost looks identical to the one he downed this year during gun season. (See photo of Ken’s nice 7 pointer) The snow on the ground definitely helped the hunters for opening day of gun season!

Ken like many hunters statewide had a pretty dismal October due to some continuous “crummy” weather! The Sunday before rifle opener Ken had his first chance to draw his bow on a fat doe.  His aim was true and after a slow start for the season things were starting to look up. The snow on the ground definitely helped the hunters for opening day of gun season!

Ken also reported on a few other guys from the Monroe Ford Plant that have places in the Mio area. Steve Drouillard and Tommy Lingar shot 6 pointers on their property.  Also it was either Steve or Tom’s grand-daughter that downed a nice 8 pointer. I just love it when the grandkids (especially the girls) get involved in hunting. Send me some photo’s guys and claim your grand-daughter?

Thanks Ken for the report and congratulations once again for your successful deer season.


Deer Reports Trickling In 2018

Saturday, November 24th, 2018

word has trickled out of the Baldwin camp in Marquette that Dick Baldwin has done it again.  Dick’s in his early 90’s and just a few days ago showed all the “whippersnappers” how it’s done , “again!” Dick has been hunting those Marquette hills for numerous decades and know’s how to hunt this “brand” of whitetail like no other.  He is a woodsman’s woodman!  I don’t know much about the details, except that he downed another nice buck to add to the pile of horns he’s got hanging at the Baldwin camp! Way to go Dick.  Maybe Gary and Gregg can borrow some of that venison this winter when their freezer’s are bare?  LOL!

Also my brother Darryl harvested a fat little 6 pointer on the third day of gun season.  I know he’s saving that second tag for one of those giants he has walking around his Branch County hot spot, but for now the venison is in the freezer.  Congratulations to you both.

I have not heard of any other family members except Justin Ansel, who took an 8 pointer in Onaway, but I never received a photo of his deer.  His brother Josh shot a 7 point with his bow in early season which I will post with this article.

Still plenty of time to put one on the ground!  I’m waiting for some snow around my cabin to make tracking a little easier.  When your 72 and hunt alone a tracking snow is most desirable!


Fresh Back-Straps On Opener Eve!

Wednesday, November 14th, 2018

What a great meal to have on the eve of opening gun season here in Michigan.  I decided to cook up some back straps from my grandson’s buck that he downed about a month ago at our cabin.

I fixed nothing with the steaks as I just wanted to savor the great taste of some healthy venison.  I made sure I didn’t overcook them, and the seasoning was just right.  Dipped them in egg and milk before rolling them in seasoning.  cooked them about 5 minutes per side. When they had a nice crust on the outside I figured it was time to dig in!

Oh were they tasty!  It did not take me long to down all four of them with a cold glass of ice water.  Those that have never had a mouth watering venison back strap don’t know what your missing.  But that’s okay I’ll eat yours for you!


Muzzleloader Sight In!

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

Over the weekend I went to my brother-in-laws to make sure my muzzleloader was still shooting the same as last year.  It’s always good to check any hunting shotgun, rifle, or muzzleloader from year to year.  Sometimes things can happen (dropped gun, bumped scope, change in eyesight, etc.) that will change the path of your projectiles flight!

I am hunting Michigan’s Southern zone, and my muzzleloader is my weapon of choice over my model 870 with a slug barrel.

I had bought new Pyrodex powder just in case the old wasn’t up to standards.  I was using the same 295 grain bullets I’ve always used so I was expecting the same results as last year.  As you will see on the target my first shot was low and to the right.  I was sighting in at 80 yards, using a bench and a rest.  I adjusted the scope to move the shot higher and to the left.  My second shot did move higher on the target, but was still right of the bulls eye.  The circle I was shooting at was 4 inches across, which is a pretty small target at 80 yards.  After making a few more adjustments with the scope, including “ramping” the power up to “4”, i was ready to “dial in!”  The third shot was inside the circle which was fine with me.

Confidence in the weapon of choice, and how it performs plays a major roll in the outcome of any hunt.  We shall see Thursday morning as Michigan’s gun deer opener is about to get underway.  Be safe out there and always be aware of your surroundings, and enjoy your time in Michigan’s great outdoors!


Rutting Success!

Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

This is my brother Darryl’s son Derek who put down this nice eight point this morning.  I have no details except he was hunting in Branch county and seeing quite a few deer.  The rut is on and the Branch County gang is seeing a lot of activity on their trail camera’s, and the mock scrapes are getting worked over pretty good!  The weather has been lousy with rain and wind, but today it was clear and crisp.

I’ll do a post on Derek’s story when I get more details, but figured I would share his photo with you all.  Congratulations Derek you’ve done it again!




A Rare Bird Indeed!

Thursday, November 1st, 2018

One of the most beautiful turkeys I have ever seen was several years ago when hunting some “lease” property in Hillsdale.  Actually I saw two very rare birds while deer hunting.  Of course it was not during turkey season season, so I just enjoyed the rare opportunity to view these “pretty birds!”

The first one I saw was a white turkey with black tips on its feathers.  It was with a group of about 22 normal colored birds, and the second one showed up as I sat in a ground blind waiting for a buck to show up.  Unbeknownst to me my pop up was right near the local turkey roosting area, and just before dusk they started flying into the pines behind me.  As they filed in toward my blind one suddenly caught my eye.  It was a golden colored bird, and stood out among the others like a neon sign.  It was absolutely gorgeous!

The reason I’m even telling this is because my brother sent me a photo of a white turkey that was taken in one of the southern counties by a young lady.  He never sent me her name. but I thought her trophy bird was worth showing.  Enjoy and know it’s not the only one walking around out there!