A Rare Bird Indeed!

One of the most beautiful turkeys I have ever seen was several years ago when hunting some “lease” property in Hillsdale.  Actually I saw two very rare birds while deer hunting.  Of course it was not during turkey season season, so I just enjoyed the rare opportunity to view these “pretty birds!”

The first one I saw was a white turkey with black tips on its feathers.  It was with a group of about 22 normal colored birds, and the second one showed up as I sat in a ground blind waiting for a buck to show up.  Unbeknownst to me my pop up was right near the local turkey roosting area, and just before dusk they started flying into the pines behind me.  As they filed in toward my blind one suddenly caught my eye.  It was a golden colored bird, and stood out among the others like a neon sign.  It was absolutely gorgeous!

The reason I’m even telling this is because my brother sent me a photo of a white turkey that was taken in one of the southern counties by a young lady.  He never sent me her name. but I thought her trophy bird was worth showing.  Enjoy and know it’s not the only one walking around out there!


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