Deer Reports Trickling In 2018

word has trickled out of the Baldwin camp in Marquette that Dick Baldwin has done it again.  Dick’s in his early 90’s and just a few days ago showed all the “whippersnappers” how it’s done , “again!” Dick has been hunting those Marquette hills for numerous decades and know’s how to hunt this “brand” of whitetail like no other.  He is a woodsman’s woodman!  I don’t know much about the details, except that he downed another nice buck to add to the pile of horns he’s got hanging at the Baldwin camp! Way to go Dick.  Maybe Gary and Gregg can borrow some of that venison this winter when their freezer’s are bare?  LOL!

Also my brother Darryl harvested a fat little 6 pointer on the third day of gun season.  I know he’s saving that second tag for one of those giants he has walking around his Branch County hot spot, but for now the venison is in the freezer.  Congratulations to you both.

I have not heard of any other family members except Justin Ansel, who took an 8 pointer in Onaway, but I never received a photo of his deer.  His brother Josh shot a 7 point with his bow in early season which I will post with this article.

Still plenty of time to put one on the ground!  I’m waiting for some snow around my cabin to make tracking a little easier.  When your 72 and hunt alone a tracking snow is most desirable!


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