Fresh Back-Straps On Opener Eve!

What a great meal to have on the eve of opening gun season here in Michigan.  I decided to cook up some back straps from my grandson’s buck that he downed about a month ago at our cabin.

I fixed nothing with the steaks as I just wanted to savor the great taste of some healthy venison.  I made sure I didn’t overcook them, and the seasoning was just right.  Dipped them in egg and milk before rolling them in seasoning.  cooked them about 5 minutes per side. When they had a nice crust on the outside I figured it was time to dig in!

Oh were they tasty!  It did not take me long to down all four of them with a cold glass of ice water.  Those that have never had a mouth watering venison back strap don’t know what your missing.  But that’s okay I’ll eat yours for you!


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