Muzzleloader Sight In!

Over the weekend I went to my brother-in-laws to make sure my muzzleloader was still shooting the same as last year.  It’s always good to check any hunting shotgun, rifle, or muzzleloader from year to year.  Sometimes things can happen (dropped gun, bumped scope, change in eyesight, etc.) that will change the path of your projectiles flight!

I am hunting Michigan’s Southern zone, and my muzzleloader is my weapon of choice over my model 870 with a slug barrel.

I had bought new Pyrodex powder just in case the old wasn’t up to standards.  I was using the same 295 grain bullets I’ve always used so I was expecting the same results as last year.  As you will see on the target my first shot was low and to the right.  I was sighting in at 80 yards, using a bench and a rest.  I adjusted the scope to move the shot higher and to the left.  My second shot did move higher on the target, but was still right of the bulls eye.  The circle I was shooting at was 4 inches across, which is a pretty small target at 80 yards.  After making a few more adjustments with the scope, including “ramping” the power up to “4”, i was ready to “dial in!”  The third shot was inside the circle which was fine with me.

Confidence in the weapon of choice, and how it performs plays a major roll in the outcome of any hunt.  We shall see Thursday morning as Michigan’s gun deer opener is about to get underway.  Be safe out there and always be aware of your surroundings, and enjoy your time in Michigan’s great outdoors!


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