Now You See Them Now You Don’t

 Don’t know what the final deer harvesting numbers are going to be, but from my experience (along with family and friends) I suspect they will be down from last year.  I have not hunted very much so far, but in my 4 days afield I have yet to see a deer!  Pretty unusual for me especially since I have several nice bucks on my trail camera.  Family and friends also have some “whooper” bucks on their camera’s, but everything is after dark!

As far as I can tell this is not a localised or isolated phenomenon occurring during hunting season. I have family members hunting the big buck  Southern Michigan counties, and I hunt the far northern area’s.  We have friend’s in the Upper Peninsula who also are experiencing nighttime “only” movement!

I know of one area where 8 hunters have a huge southern farmland lease, and have some monster bucks on film (at night!)  Most hunters believe that once the “rut is in full swing these “big boys” will go nuts and run full tilt during daylight hours. Well last report is only 1 hunter out of 8 dropped a buck during gun season and it was a 1-1/2 old 6 point. The record class bucks seen on trail camera’s stayed nocturnal during the 5 days these guys hunted morning and evening!  No wonder they are able to grow such impressive head gear!

So in conclusion I don’t know if the older mature bucks are developing a dna survival gene that kicks in during the fall hunting season, or it’s just a matter of being in the right place at the right time?  Elsewhere big bucks are being harvested, but could it be that in some area’s the “bruisers” are intelligent enough to stay nocturnal for survival sake?

I’m posting some trail cam photo’s of some nice bucks that are definitely in the area, but none seen in legal shooting hours!


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