Pike In The Pan!

This past summer I caught a few nice Northern Pike and put several packages in the freezer.  It seems that at least one package was “crying” out to me that they wanted to be eaten!  I thawed them out, got out the batter, and put the frying pan grease on 360 degrees.  Put a couple potatoes in the oven and I was almost ready to enjoy those pike on a 18 degree day in the first stages of the oncoming winter months.

I cooked 8 filets and two baked potatoes and I was ready for a lovely winter fish dinner.  That’s what a hunter and fisherman’s freezer is for.  Didn’t have to go to the store, fight the crowds, or pay an exorbitant price for these delicious pike morsels!  Not only that I was “home alone” so I didn’t have to share my “catch” with anyone!


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