The Hunter Returns Home Empty Handed!

Wow!  I can’t believe it’s been 12 days since I last wrote a post.  Hope I don’t get fired!  Actually there hasn’t been a whole lot to write about.  Deer season has been pretty slow going this year and my trip north is a culmination of how the year has gone for me.

I just returned from four (4) days of deer hunting, and came back empty handed.  Honestly that doesn’t happen very often, and actually I could of shot numerous does.  They all had yearlings with them, and one of them had triplets.  I may have been tempted on a lone doe with no “kids” hanging around, but those yearlings will need their mama to get through the winter.

I brought my trail camera’s home and just put the pictures on my computer.  Well guess what?  Lo and behold I have 5 different bucks in my food plot at various times through the night.  That is the way it’s been for the last several years!  Those darn bucks are nocturnal and seem to stay that way all season!  I’ve heard other reports from different parts of the state saying the same thing about nocturnal bucks!  Even the does are hedging toward the hours of darkness.  What is the answer to bagging these “night owls?”  Night vision?

If this is being inbred into the deer herd and taught to the younger deer by more savvy deer, the harvest is sure to go down!  It will be interesting to see the D.N. R. report on the deer harvest numbers this year.

The deer caught on camera are a one sided spike, wide 6 point with no tine length, 8 pointer, a broken sided 6 point and a 10 point.  I never saw any of these bucks in the daylight.  I have two days after christmas to try and figure it out or my freezer is going to be awful “lonesome” this year!

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