Doug Fairburn Canadian “Bushman!”

Not much is going on right now especially around here as there is no snow.  Nothing but rain and unseasonably warm weather!

However that is not the case for my cousin’s husband Doug Fairburn.  They hail from North of the border, and I mean the Canadian border.  Doug and Nancy have lived in several places in Canada, but recently moved back to Sault Ste. Marie to be close to Nancy’s kids and grandkids.

Doug has always had a love for the “bush” and has worked as a hunting/fishing guide and trapper for many years.  Since moving back to the Sault Doug has once again taken up winter trapping. He has a 60 square mile area the he and his partner have been allocated not far from Batchawana Bay.  That’s about an hour drive from his home.  Right now it’s more of a hobby, and the love of being outdoors where a man can think more clearly!

The season so far is just starting to pick up as “Team Doug” has caught several martin, a couple fisher, and one huge beaver.  Fur prices are down, so they aren’t trapping to become financially independent, but because there “hooked” on it. Doug uses his snow machine to check his trap-line, and believe me he needs it.  There’s a couple feet of snow in the woods with 10-14 more inches forecast for this coming week.

I just received a photo of Doug and the Fisher he caught Friday.  It’s a very big one and has a beautiful pelt.  The beaver he caught last week weighed about 45 pounds which puts it in the extra large category.

Doug is a “throw back” to another era when subsistence living was all there was in the boreal forest and swamps of the Canadian Wilderness. Be careful you guys and keep me posted on how the season progresses!



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