The Winter Blahs!

It seems like it’s been forever since i’ve written a post, and it actually has been awhile.  Not much to do right now especially if your a senior citizen with limited mobility.  You young guys can be skiing, snow shoeing, rabbit hunting, or even chasing bobcats, but not this “oldtimer!”

It’s during this time of year I work on making Native American reproductions.  I have some Native blood in my dna and have always been draw to the ways of the “Aissiniwok” (First People!) I am a member of the “Turtle island DreamKeepers” here in Monroe who sponsor a Pow-Wow at the Monroe County Community College each year in June.  Some of the crafts I’m working on I will take there as a vendor this year to sell.  Much of what I do I give to friends and family.

I have several tanned (various colors) deer hides, rabbit furs, mink, fox, and coyote pelts that I use in my reproductions.  Turkey feathers and turkey feet, along with deer horns play a major part in what I’m making.  I also use “craft” feather, beads, leather braiding, and such to decorate with! On occasion I use the tails of squirrels I’v taken during squirrel season.  This year I actually managed to shoot a couple with my bow.

I will post several photo’s of completed work that I have done over the last few months

Mno Giizhigatken (Have a good day)


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