Sandy Toe’s Swimming With The Pigs!

Just returned from a week in the Bahama’s at the Atlantis on Paradise Island.  One of my daughters got married there, and our whole family (27 of us) flew down for the week.

Another daughter booked an excursion called “Sandy Toe’s” which involved a double decker boat ferring a couple miles into the ocean to spend the day on their island.  We could swim, snorkel, play beach volleyball, hike, kayak, lay around in hammocks, or “swim with the pigs!”

Swimming with the pigs involved a guide standing in the ocean with a bucket of treats and another on the beach with a bucket of treats.  The pigs would swim back and forth from water to sand, and while in the water you could touch or pet them.  Some would purposely splash you as they swam by!  The big black one pictured looked to have some ferrell characteristics, and weighed in close to 400 pounds.  That’s a lot of “pork” on the hoof.  My wife had never touched a pig before and it was kind of a real adventure for her.

The snorkeling was awesome as we saw a variety of fish and beautiful coral reefs.  We even had a Manatee swim by that shocked those who saw it! Never dreamed of seeing a “sea cow” this far from Florida.

There were also a breeding flock of peacocks on the island along with some small lizards and lots of sand crabs. A delicious meal was served half way through our time there which really hit the spot.

The ride over takes about half an hour and is very enjoyable.  The water is simply breathtaking with the various shades of blues and aquas.  Well worth the time and money. 5 stars!


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