Turkey Season 2019

It has been a long and inactive time since I last posted anything!  Just not much going on during the wet, cold, and windy winter, that never seems to quit!  Well starting this coming Monday all that is hopefully going to change.

I have my car packed and ready to head north to the cabin.  We are getting together with the kids and grandkids Sunday for Easter, and later that evening I will point my vehicle toward Luzerne and head out.  I have not been at our place in several months, but friends were there 3 weeks ago.  Then there was still a foot of snow on the ground.  Several turkey were spotted around the cabin and a big tom showed up in my back yard.  I’m hoping he’s still in the area come Monday.

My brother Darryl and his crew will also be in the area, as they just recently purchased two cabins and some acreage in the heart of turkey country.  My place is about 16 miles away so we will probably meet a t Talley’s in Lewiston for a Tally burger.

I will give a report and post photo’s once I return.  My son-in-law Dave will join me at mid week, and I’ll do my best to put a Tom in his crosshairs.

There are 8 Tom’s in the photo I posted strutting around me!  Maybe it’s the red shirt I’m wearing?  Hope they are that lovestruck next week!




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