Pageant fans have been passing around the “vote for me” link at Miss America’s web site. Here’s why: the video votes will serve as a “people’s choice” to name a finalist on Jan. 14. Voting closes at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time on January 12, 2012.

But if you have some time, and I’ve seen most of them by now, go to this link on YouTube where you can see all of the videos in the series, regardless of whether you voted for someone.

There’s a lot of sports references, regional pride, platform presentations and yes, a sense of humor, among the class of 2012.

“Must see” pieces among the ones I’ve viewed so far:

  • Idaho. Would you consider a potato sack to be a wardrobe item?
  • Kentucky. She did a spoof on pageant stereotypes.
  • Oregon. She’s spoofing the Old Spice ads. Hilarious!
  • South Carolina. You’ve seen her weight loss story featured in the magazines this month, but she also has a Cher impersonation.

And do watch Michigan‘s video. She has a surprise at the end. Besides, she’s the homegirl.

Fans: what are your favorite videos?

– Paula Wethington

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