Miss Michigan Elizabeth Wertenberger was scheduled for preliminary evening gown and swimsuit judging at the Miss America nationals on Thursday night.

I was looking all day yesterday for the official Miss America publicity photos from Thursday, because I knew from having watched the Facebook feeds all week that they’d be fabulous pictures. I also knew I’d be lucky to find what I was looking for on the news media and sponsor galleries.

The official photo collection was posted very late Friday night.

So even if you’ve seen the pictures that I did find yesterday, here are two photos we haven’t seen yet and they are from Miss America.:

Elizabeth Wertenberger evening gown

Elizabeth Wertenberger shows off the olive and gold evening gown she designed during Thursday preliminaries at Miss America. Photo via Miss America Facebook.

Elizabeth Wertenberger evening gown

This view of Elizabeth Wertenberger's evening gown shows off the split skirt design she created. Photo via Miss America Facebook.

– Paula Wethington

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